some problems with modern feminism

An article was posted and passed around recently criticizing modern-day feminism and engaging with the tangled topic of privilege and gender inequality today. Many praised it for its frankness and thorough dissection of the 21st-century social justice scene, as well as its voice (in some respects) for men’s rights and female privilege. My thoughts on it are […]

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Yes, Gender Still Matters

and here’s why: Three female MIT computer scientists do an ask-me-anything on Reddit. Response: Dozens of questions like these were interspersed with marriage proposals and requests to “make me a sandwich” in our AMA. We had intended for the AMA to be a chance to answer questions about what our lives are like as PhD […]

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The Gender Gap, Microaggressions in Silicon Valley, Diversity, College Education… In some fields, the women of the class went on to equal or outshine the men, including an Olympic gold medalist and the class’s best-known celebrity. Nearly half the 1,700-person class were women, and plenty were adventurous and inventive, tinkerers and computer camp veterans who competed fiercely in engineering contests; one won mention in […]

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