Race and Casual Sexism in STEM

Two things I’ve been reflecting about vis à vis gender and race during my time at MIT. 1. As a Course 16 (aerospace engineering), my foremost impression of the department is one of whiteness. During rush, when I introduced myself to an upperclassman as being interested in aerospace engineering, his first question was “Are you […]

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Genderswapping Advertisements

BuzzFeed parodied three commercials by simply switching the genders of everyone in the video, with amusing results. The tropes explored and overturned are the submissive/man-pleasing girl, the geeky guy/attractive woman pairing, and the sexualization of food. Things to think about: In BuzzFeed’s genderswap, are the men sexualized in quite the same way as the original women in […]

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Race and Attraction on Tinder

Fascinating work on the sorts of classifications and snap judgments we make about people based on everything from clothing to race to perceived class. “How I Rebuilt Tinder and Discovered the Shameful Secret of Attraction” by Anne Helen Petersen “But maybe what we call the argument of one’s genitals is, in truth, incredibly — and both […]

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Miss Representation and Me

The first reaction I had while watching Miss Representation was “Nawwww. No way.” This was in response to a clip of some political pundit implicating Hillary Clinton for some deep-seated desire to castrate men, accompanied by a sustained urge to choke in disbelief. The second reaction went something like “Not all men…”, or to be more honest, […]

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