Genderswapping Advertisements

BuzzFeed parodied three commercials by simply switching the genders of everyone in the video, with amusing results. The tropes explored and overturned are the submissive/man-pleasing girl, the geeky guy/attractive woman pairing, and the sexualization of food.

Things to think about:

In BuzzFeed’s genderswap, are the men sexualized in quite the same way as the original women in the ads were?

In mainstream advertising where men are sexualized, are they ever portrayed in this way?

BuzzFeed is itself a private media company, and in some sense, exists to sell itself. How does BuzzFeed profit from making an ostensibly feminist “viral video” like this? Does it demean or detract from the message that BuzzFeed is trying to propagate? Or should we consider the impact as separate from the intent, regardless of whether the intent is truly altruistic or, to some extent, selfish?

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