Let’s talk about the kids

Very thoughtful post about women in science and how to handle gender inequality in STEM. There are a lot of problems with no clear solutions, but maybe getting the conversation started is a good first step.


When I was little, I hated math. It was, by and large, my least favorite subject. While I didn’t realize what was going on at the time, I think that most of my frustration stemmed from the fact that every math teacher I had seemed to hold the belief that boys were fundamentally “better” or “more well-suited” to math than girls–when I raised my hand in math class, my teachers’ eyes would skim past me, and often boys would be called on over girls even if none of their hands were raised.

This was, understandably, frustrating. So I stopped caring. I didn’t put in the effort because I knew it wouldn’t be rewarded. Besides, I was encouraged towards other things–I was an avid reader and a strong writer, and apparently literature and language are pursuits more catered towards those of the female persuasion.

I can only imagine that being a…

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