how media coverage obscures more difficult, less media-sexy issues

We’ve touched on the topic of how media coverage of something like HeForShe, celebrity feminism, and popular, spreadable events in social justice movements (FCKH8, anyone?) can obscure the deeper, harder, “real work” involved in effecting widespread societal change and addressing tough issues. Elton John, in this NY Times op-ed, points to how this is happening in […]

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mit rates of sexual assault are damn high, president reif says “i am disturbed” MIT’s self-reported rate of sexual assault is nearly 17% for undergraduate women, comparable to the 19% overall statistic. For some reason I was under the impression that MIT didn’t have as big a sexual assault problem as other schools, but it’s clear that that impression was blatantly false. MIT’s proposed next-steps: And I invite […]

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Is Fox really to blame?

We recently watched documentary film Outfoxed, which lambasted Fox News’ claim of “fair and balanced” reporting by exposing a veritable river of bad journalistic practice and blatant bias in Fox News’ internal workings. There’s no debating that Fox News is responsible for a shocking amount of misinformation. Nevertheless, we must consider: is Fox’s bad practice responsible […]

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“smart people listen to radiohead, dumb people listen to beyonce” “let’s just conveniently conflate correlation with causation, while simultaneously neglecting any consideration for larger cultural forces that also happen to define what kind of music you like. hey, remember–you listen to beethoven and radiohead if you’re smart, not because listening to white-people music and having white-people tastes is a white-people privilege.” yes, the caltech phd […]

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here’s my issue with FCKH8

FCKH8 is pretty well-known for their provocative pro-feminist, anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+ videos and merchandise. Their latest video, “F-Bombs for Feminism,” has been making the rounds on Facebook and the WGS.111 blogs recently (re: gildaraz and nikkithinksnikkiwrites): Before that was their “Hey White People” video, which featured spunky “#Ferguson kids” speaking out against racism. So what’s the problem? […]

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“basic bitch”: the link between sexism and consumerism?

I would be interested to hear people’s opinions on the following article: Excerpt (emphasis mine): It seems to me that while what it pretends to criticize is unoriginality of thought and action, most of what basic actually seeks to dismiss is consumption patterns — what you watch, what you drink, what you wear, and […]

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Is Frozen Feminist?

Frozen has been touted as a lot of things, from progressively pro-gay to Christian allegory. It’s been called feminist, not-actually-feminist, not-actually-not-feminist, recycled feminist, and all-around overly wanked-over by feminists and film critics alike. We also talked briefly about Frozen last Wednesday in class in the context of the Disney princess narrative and whether or not Disney’s children-targeted content […]

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