some additional comments on women in the tech industry

Joan Williams, a law professor at the University of California, Hastings, and co-author of “What Works for Women at Work,” told me, “Even though it’s a job that basically involves sitting at a typewriter, there’s a real emphasis on the idea that these are jobs that only a real man can do.” The result is a Catch-22: women need to act “masculine” to fit in, but get labelled as difficult and pushy if they do. In a recent study of almost two hundred and fifty performance reviews, the tech entrepreneur Kieran Snyder found that three-quarters of the women were criticized for their personalities—with words like “abrasive”—while only two of the men were.

Good summary of the kinds of microaggressions and implicit biases that show up in a supposedly-meritocratic tech/STEM world, and some interesting ideas about how we can deal with it.

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